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About Me

I've always loved technology. The notion of being able to live in today's constant an evolving environment is a blessing to all of us. My passion for developing and building something new and exciting has been rooted from an early age. I remember my dad telling me that one day TVs are going to be build and placed on a wall to the specs of our framed painted artwork. That came along to be transparently factual in later years with almost every household mounting their TVs to a living room wall. From that point on my learning spree has been present on a daily basis.

Thrilled to carry a toolbox around our vacation home, to evolving into web development, has presented challenging obstacles I'm ready to master. Therefore, my approach to a project is viewed as another adventure, ready to tackle it with an open, zealous, and curious mind. As my favorite painter Vincent Van Gogh once said "I dream my painting and I paint my dream."

My job doesn't end there, rather it represents a piece of a much larger puzzle. This translates to being a supportive husband, vigorous dad to my two beautiful daughters, and self-learning home chef. All of these gifts are nourished and celebrated daily, which will be reflected in some of my blog postings.

What i do

I'm a Freelance Web Developer specialized in creating beautiful user firendly applications across a wide range of industries.

User Friendly

The applications I build are clean, precise, and easy to navigate when a user is searching for information. Language is adaptable to services provided and reflects on most up to date technology trends.

Industry Focused

Every industry is unique and that is why my focus is on critically emphasizing certain aspects of an organization day to day operations. For that reason, design piece is outlined thru applicable colors, fonts, and images assigned to every page.

Device Compatibility

Applications I develop are fully compatible whenever user is on a mobile, desktop, and or tablet device.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial to any webpage that consumers can access. My approach is to utilize one of many tools, such as Google Analytics, to study data and propose current and future angles for better visibility.

My latest work

I have built the new web application for a pediatric clinic

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Joe Crisp

General Manager, CMH Homes Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company

I have known Mihajlo for over seven years. The first thing I noticed was his desire to learn, along with an unwavering commitment to the successful completion of any task put before him. Mihajlo is not only technically skilled and driven but truly team oriented for the overall mutual goal achievement. Everyone in my office enjoys working with him, even though he doesn’t cheer for the Tampa Bay Bucs 😊.

Lakeside Pediatrics

Board of Directors

Our company needed to get a new website to take us out of the obsolete ages and Mihajlo came through! He was able to produce a high quality website with features such as ease of use across different platforms, which was a key for our business. He also suggested features we did not know about to enhance our site, and these have been very well received by our clientele. Overall, we had a great experience and still doing the business with him.

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