Mihajlo Djordjevic

Testing email function with MailTrap


Some of you may have heard about MailTrap, which is a tool for testing the functionality of sending and receiving emails through SMTP. Traditionally, we have all probably used gmail.smtp that requires us to input our email address, password, ssl/tls, and port. What is so great about MailTrap is that you can integrate a "ghost" SMTP and have your email tested before it's on a live server. More precisely, it is a nonexistent testing secure and encrypted server. This way you can review analysis for spam score and check your HTML code.

Additionally, MailTrap gives us the option to copy and paste configuration for WordPress, Ruby, PhP or any other framework you may be using. It is a safe protocol that will never reach real email addresses, or overload your personal email inbox. To that note, I remember testing functionality and sending numerous emails and having to go back and delete it. With MailTrap, you will never have to do this since all tested results will be reflected in an outer mailbox. MailTrap has a free plan, so I do encourage you to visit their website www.mailtrap.io for more information and start testing your email functionality!