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Taking frequent breaks induces productivity


This week, my focus is on another vital attribute in software developer's day to day happenings. Even though, we all have different routines once the sun rises, the need for a down time is transparent to all of us. I strongly believe setting time to decompress can only benefit our mental and physical state. Our thoughts race each other minute by minute and into hours, trying to check mark a calendar list so we can move to another task. Managing these tasks from one angle to another, by inclusively taking care of our home and families in addition to our work schedules, is at times overwhelming. Not to mention outdoors and hobby like adventures that might have to be on stand-by this weekend. All these instances, and many more can contribute to a reduced concentration and less productive week. In that sense, I incorporate frequent breaks every 45 min to an hour by leaving the office to clear my mind.

Sometimes, it is a challenge when there is a deadline that needs constant care of testing and debugging. However, when we stumble and hit a roadblock it is a sign of much needed time to reset current state and come back refreshed. How many times has it happened that we leave the room and come back being able to accomplish the task in a matter of minutes. Which boils down to productivity with truly maximizing quality over quantity and frustration. Therefore, find what brings joy to you whatever that might be such as taking a short walk, sipping your favorite drink, or listening to fine tunes to reduce stress and fatigue.